In Saudi Arabia, a man jumped into deep water to save a drowning child…


A brave Saudi citizen saved the life of a child by risking his life, the video of the incident went viral

Riyadh (Urdu Point latest newspaper. January 9, 2021) If in this day and age man has become materialistic and only pursues his own interests. He has become indifferent to the sufferings and difficulties of the people. However, even today the world is full of people who do not care about their lives. Seeing the lives of the people in danger, they do not leave China and turn the impossible into the possible.
One such citizen is Amir bin Musa al-Shahri, a Saudi citizen who jumped into the water when he saw a child drowning in a flood. According to Al Arabiya News, a child was swept away in the floods caused by heavy rains in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, but a local citizen risked his life to save the child alive.