Human Resources: No change in job mobility service fees with the entry into force of the “Improving Contractual Relationship” initiative.


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The Director of Media Affairs at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saad Al Hammad, said that the entry into force of the initiative to “improve the contractual relationship” will not be accompanied by any increase in the fees for job mobility service.  He confirmed, according to Al-Madina, that the fees will remain as they are currently in force, with a value of 2,000 riyals for the first time, 4,000 riyals for the second time, and 6,000 riyals for the third time.

He also confirmed that a worker may move from one employer to another in the first year and before the completion of the contract period, provided that he adheres to the penal condition stipulated in the contract, and does not violate the work system, as well as adhering to the notice period specified by 90 days.

It is worth noting that the initiative to improve the contractual relationship launched by the Ministry of Human Resources last November, will go into effect on March 14.  The initiative allows a migrant worker to transfer to another job upon the end of his work contract without the need for the employer’s approval, in addition to the final exit, exit and return services that enable the expatriate worker to leave immediately after the end of the contract with an electronic notification of the employer without requiring his consent.