Jawazat reminds the requirements and Procedure for issuing Iqama for new Expatriates


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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia reminded about the requirements for issuing iqama through the e-services platform of “Muqeem” online.

The Jawazat said that this service allows companies or employers, through the Muqeem platform, to issue a residence permit (iqama) for those coming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a work visa.
Terms and Conditions : 
The General Directorate of Passports explained that in order to issue a residence permit through the Muqeem platform, the following things are required:
1. The presence of the worker or employee within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
2. Paying residency (iqama) issuance fees and delay fine, if any. 3. Paying the employee’s traffic fines, if any.
4. Register the fingerprint and photo of the worker and his dependents.
5. Registering and passing the medical test for the worker in the approved medical centers.
6. Providing medical insurance for the worker and his family members, if they are with him on residence visa.
7. The validity of the worker’s passport when using the service. 
8. The worker should not be registered in the system as absent from work or in huroob.
9. The worker must have a work permit for some of the required jobs.
Steps for issuing residency :
The Passports Directorate has determined, through the website of the unified national platform, the method and procedures for issuing residency, by following the following steps:
1. Enter the Muqeem platform through the following link ( https://muqeem.sa/ ).
2. Select “Electronic Transactions”
3. Choose “Iqama issuance”
4. Enter the ‘boundary number’. 
5. The system displays the resident and sponsor information.
6. The system allows modification of the resident’s name, if necessary.
7. Issue residency.

Source: saudi expatriates