King Fahd Causeway announces entry procedures to Bahrain and excludes 5 categories from laboratory examination


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The King Fahd Causeway Authority has confirmed that 5 categories of laboratory examination fees will be excluded for those crossing the bridge heading to the Kingdom of Bahrain, revealing the entry procedures into the country.  She explained that the exception includes accredited diplomats and their families, those returning from an official government mission, foreign military personnel on official missions and their families, those returning from medical trips at the expense of the Ministry of Health and their companions, participants in clinical trials of the Corona vaccine in Bahrain, and children under 6 years old.

stressed the importance of adhering to the instructions regarding the health procedures followed to enter Bahrain by conducting a prior laboratory examination. Where the examination result is valid for 72 hours, or it is subject to a laboratory examination at the expense of the traveler upon arrival at a cost of 400 Saudi riyals.

revealed that the results of the examination have been accepted through the “conscious society” application or one of the official smart phone applications in the Kingdom for travelers whose test results are negative. Also, original examination certificates issued by Bahraini or Saudi laboratories accredited by Bahrain are accepted.  It indicated that travelers without pre-examination certificates must conduct a laboratory examination in the designated area of ​​the King Fahd Causeway, and pay examination fees upon arrival in cash or by debit or credit cards.  She noted that travelers who will stay in Bahrain for a period of 10 days or more must undergo an examination on the tenth day of arrival in the Kingdom, at the vehicle inspection center at the Bahrain International Exhibition Center.