9,000 jobs are expected to be created … Today, the new tariff for “ports” service fees begins.


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Starting today (Friday), the General Authority of Ports will start implementing the new tariff for fees and charges for port services, which will contribute to creating new investment opportunities in support services that will create more than 9,600 new jobs directly.  The authority stated that, with the amendment and application of the new tariff, it aims to implement a number of economic and social impacts, including increasing the attractiveness of investment in the ports sector in the Kingdom, which will contribute to stimulating the national economy and serving exporters, importers and service providers.

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indicated that the new tariff will contribute to support the obligations of the authority and operators in the ports with competitive global indicators, and reduce the time spent from entering the truck until its exit.  She indicated that the current and new wages for handling some types of goods are considered low compared to the regional market and competing markets, as it worked to re-study and amend some port wages in light of the emergence of new services in the shipping sector.

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