“Municipal Affairs” is mentioned again: January 1, the date for imposing fines for group housing violations


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The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs renewed the reminder of the date of imposing fines for collective housing offenses, noting that the first of January is the date for the commencement of the violations, calling for the issuance of a collective housing license for individuals before starting the application of the violations and fines.

The Committee for Organizing the Housing of Expatriate Workers of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs confirmed earlier that it is working on two parallel tracks to facilitate the private sector in the investigation procedures of the quality of the collective housing environment and the adherence to the specified standards.

explained that the first track has been adopted, which requires the owners of the facilities to disclose their labor accommodation sites through the group housing platform, while the second track is based on licensing real estate according to the health, technical and safety requirements necessary for collective housing for individuals through the Baladi platform.