60,000 Free Wi-fi Hotspots across Saudi Arabia


As a part of Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) initiative minimum 60,000 Wifi hotspots will be provided across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Public locations.

CITC has informed that Maps would be provided for free Wifi hotspots locations which will help the users to find a Free Wifi location in the kingdom using a website or an application

Wifi Hotspots will be free to use for Public.

Public Places like Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Parks and Two Holy mosques will be provided with Free Wi-fi Hotspots.

The initiative includes free access to the public Wi-Fi network for each service provider for up to two hours per day in a number of Saudi cities.

CITC has already worked with all the telecom operatos for implementing this initiative soon across KSA (Saudi Arabia)

source: saudi expatriates