Sources reveal the date of implementation of the decision to nationalize the accounting professions and the penalties for violating establishments


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Sources stated that the decision to resettle the accounting profession will actually be implemented after approximately 170 days, indicating that all electronic transactions will be stopped for establishments that do not comply with the required nationalization percentage.

According to Okaz, the sources said that a penalty for violating the localization of professions restricted to Saudis will be imposed against the violating establishments, in addition to the statutory penalties for any fraud if any worker in the facility is caught practicing accounting professions under another professional name.

She pointed out that the ministry has classified the accounting professions targeted by Emiratisation into 19 types according to the automatic coding of professions, including the professions of Director of Financial and Accounting Affairs, Director of Accounts and Budget, Director of Financial Reports Department, and Director of Zakat and Tax Department.