Sources: Permitting the sale of gas cylinders in malls and supermarkets


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Sources revealed that the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs intends to allow the sale of gas cylinders in “hypermarkets” or commercial complexes “malls”, through automatic machines around the clock without human intervention, within the car parks.

The sources explained, according to Al-Madina, that the ministry is finalizing the decision, indicating that it has set several controls for its implementation, the most prominent of which is that the area allocated to the machine is 20 square meters as a maximum, and the commitment to implement the requirements of the Saudi Building Code, and that all works and materials conform to the approved standard specifications.

In addition to adherence to the requirements of the list of safety conditions issued by the civil defense, and the application of the protection measures that must be available in the shops that sell and store gas cylinders and the means of transporting them.