How long does it take to build immunity after receiving the vaccine? .. “Health agent” answers (video)


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The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Preventive Health, Dr. Abdullah Al-Asiri, explained how long it takes the body to form immunity after receiving the emerging corona virus vaccine, indicating when the second category of citizens and residents will be vaccinated.  He added, in his interview with Al-Arabiya TV today (Saturday), that whoever received the vaccine begins to form immunity against the Corona virus, about 14 days after taking the second dose of the vaccine.

He added that the vaccination of the second category is related to the quantities of the vaccine that reach the Kingdom, because there are specific supply schedules, while also taking into account the numbers of those registered from the first category of people most vulnerable to infection with Corona.

And he indicated that easing the restrictions imposed due to Corona needs more field studies, and in such pandemics a high community immunity must be formed, whether through vaccination with the vaccine or among those who have been previously infected.