Career & Job Mobility Services in New Contract System


Job or Career Mobility is allowed in the new Contract system which will be applicable from March 2021. Due to the changes in the sponsorship system and removal of Kafala system, any Expat worker can move one One Employer to other Employer after the contract is ended.

No Need of taking permission from the Employer after the contract is End. You can move from One job to apply or apply for a new job before your contracts gets ended.

This contract will be a upon agreement with Employer and Employee and breaking this contract will have financial or legal obligations to both the parties.

Expat worker has to submit a notice period before moving from One Employer to another Employer without any Employers approval he can simply move to another Job or Company within Saudi Arabia.

Transfer mechanisms are determined during the validity of the contract provided along with controls and measures are adhered during notice period.

Expat worker must submit a 90-day notice period and should not violate any work system during this period to harm Employer company or work.

Ministry has facilitated an Oiwa platform for submitting new service request for change in employers or has desire to move from the existing Employer.

source: Saudi expatriates