Food and Drug Administration: The vaccine is taken in two doses at specific dates and these are the stages of its study (video)


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The Vice President of the Food and Drug Authority for the Drug Sector, Dr.Adel Al-Harf, revealed the details of the process of adopting the emerging anti-corona virus vaccine.

He explained during the press conference on Corona developments in the Kingdom, that the most prominent studies that are evaluated for the vaccine are preclinical studies that are conducted on laboratory animals, followed by clinical trials for humans, then studies of the quality of the vaccine.

He indicated that following up the vaccine after its use is an active phase aimed at ensuring its safety, and it also helps in early detection of any side effects that may occur to its users.

He added that the health authorities will have all the information necessary to administer the vaccine, in terms of the recommended and excluded groups, in a way that does not constitute a public health concern.

He said that the vaccine will be in two doses, approximately 20 days apart, stressing the need to adhere to their dates until the benefit from taking the vaccine is realized.