Jawazat allows Issuance of Final Exit Visas for Domestic workers during Probation period


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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia announced that employers can benefit from the service of issuing a final exit visa during the probation period of 90 days for domestic workers through the “Absher” electronic platform.

Saudi Jawazat said, This service allows employers to issue a final exit visa for domestic workers through the “Absher” platform, within 90 days, for those who have not issued iqama or resident ID, according to the following conditions.

– The Jawazat reveals the below conditions in order to benefit from this service  * The total number of domestic and non-domestic workers does not exceed more than 100 workers.  * The worker is not registered as dead, absent from work or outside the Kingdom.  * The worker’s record is free of traffic violations and  * The worker’s passport is valid for 60 days or more.