Saudi child finds “floating” treasure on “Al Wajh” beach


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A child in Al-Wajh governorate in Tabuk found 15 kilograms of expensive amber while walking on the seashore in the south of the governorate.

Citizen Mahmoud Abu Salem said that his son Abdul-Rahman found several floating pieces that resemble rocks, except that they are lighter in weight, and in three colors (black, earthy and red).

He added that they doubted the nature of these lumps, pointing out, according to Okaz newspaper, that he had contacted the traveler, Muhammad al-Hadari, who confirmed after examining the pieces that they were an “ward”.

He explained that they had offered the blocks to amber merchants, and they were ready to buy them, as the price of a kilo of red amber is 170,000 riyals, and the earthen amber is 145,000, and the black amber is 110,000 riyals.