Saudi Arabia ranks 1st in Arab World and 17th Globally in Corona Virus Research


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ranked first place in Arab world and 17th in worldwide efforts of universities in publishing the research about Covid-19, as the Saudi research account for 1.8% of global research production.

As per the Saudi Education Minister Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh, Saudi Arabia’s universities have published 83.4% of Kingdom’s production of Corona Virus related research, with national efforts that began since the spread of the pandemic globally. Recommend : Jawazat in Saudi Arabia alerts of the conditions for renewing iqama of Males and Females

He reviewed the efforts that have been made to achieve the goal with support of research related to emerging Covid-19, uniting the efforts of scientists and researchers of Saudi Universities and Research centers and the formation of Scientific committees in Health and Technical fields to evaluate research efforts.

In addition to investing in research abilities of the professor of universities and research centers, by finding the scientific solutions that contribute to treating this pandemic and reducing its effects.