New Labor Reforms for Expats working in Private Companies


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For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group.

Saudi Arabia HR Ministry has come-up with New Labour reforms for Expatriates working in Private sectors in the kingdom.  The Ministry of Hyman Resource & Social Development in Saudi have announced new labour reforms under program called National

Transformation Program (NTP) to enhance and provide value to Employer and Employee relationship in private sector. This will help improve the relationship between the employer and employee as well as improve job market and establish trust in employers, and also helps in empowering & developing work environment in Saudi Arabia.

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Labour Reforms Initiative (LRI) will allow Job Mobility providing Exit & Re-Entry Visa for Expats in Private Sector  LRI will include specific measures to control the relationship in a contract.  LRI will come into effect on 4th March 2020 which is a good news for all the Expats working in private sector companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Labour Reforms Initiative (LRI) :  Expats workers can transfer between employers after work contract expires without any approval from Employer Expats can travel outside Saudi Arabia using a Exit Re-Entry Visa without employers approval Expats can leave Saudi Arabi without the employer’s consent after the end of the employment contract. Employer, will be notified electronically of their departure. Any Contract broken Be it Employer or Employee needs to bear the consequences of the contract agreement. All services will be made available to the public through the smartphone application (Absher) and (Qiwa) portal of the ministry.

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This will help in contributing to Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.

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