When will the Corona vaccine be available? A health spokesman answers


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Today, Monday, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Aali, confirmed that the world and its organizations are accelerating to reach an effective and safe vaccine, which is an unprecedented acceleration with any pandemic to produce a vaccine with this support.

Al-Abd Al-Ali said, during the press conference, that it is hoped that the vaccine will be available in the coming months, stressing that the vaccine can only be considered usable if there are 3 main aspects.

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He explained that these three aspects are that the vaccine is effective and able to repel the virus, and that it is safe and has no side effects, and the third thing is to have it approved by the authorities concerned with granting licenses for this type of vaccines and vaccines.

He continued, that the relevant authorities in the Kingdom adhere to these matters, and do not neglect any of them, and that the Kingdom will be one of the first countries to receive vaccines.

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He said that it is not possible to return to some flexibility in normal life, until a person gets the vaccine himself and is reassured that this vaccine has paid off, and until this time, which could be the last of this year or early next year, returning cautiously is a necessity for everyone.

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