Method of application, suspensions and exceptions. All you need to know about the new social security system


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The Council of Ministers revealed the details of the decision to approve the new social security system, which included that the current security system will continue to be applied to the eligible registered beneficiaries at the time the new system comes into effect for a period not exceeding two years.  The decision stipulated that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, during the two years, would develop and implement a time and geographical plan to implement the new system on them and receive new registration requests gradually, taking into account social, financial and economic considerations.

also stipulated that the Ministry of Human Resources coordinate with the General Authority for Statistics and the relevant authorities to conduct a field survey to collect data and prepare research studies periodically to evaluate and identify the targets of social security.  The new system mandated the Ministry of Human Resources to provide data related to social security to the concerned government agencies, private entities, NGOs and donor institutions in order to obtain other forms of support, provided that these entities adhere to the regulations related to data protection and privacy.

The decision indicated that the system aims to establish the necessary means and measures to address poverty situations in society, and to ensure a minimum income that meets the basic needs of each beneficiary by estimating the calculated minimum pension and providing appropriate support and social protection for the beneficiaries, taking into account the most needy and the most deserving.  It also aims to enable the beneficiary to achieve financial independence and become a productive person through rehabilitation and training, and to develop mechanisms that guarantee assistance to beneficiaries in the event of crises and disasters.

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Method to apply and determine the need:  The decision clarified that pension applications are submitted to the competent authority in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, including the necessary data and documents that support the pension request, and the regulations specify the procedures for submitting the application, data, conditions, documents and the necessary documents.

Calculation and accrual mechanism:  A pension is entitled to a person who fulfills the following conditions:  – To be a Saudi who is permanently residing in the Kingdom in accordance with the controls specified by the regulations.  – That the income calculated for the independent or family is less than the calculated minimum pension.  – To meet the criteria for owning and using wealth specified by the regulations.  – To commit to fulfilling the Ministry’s requirements related to health, education, rehabilitation and community service, as specified by the regulations.

Exceptions:  A non-Saudi woman married to a Saudi man.

A widow or divorced woman who is not Saudi and has Saudi children.  Children of a widow and children of a Saudi divorced woman from a non-Saudi husband.  Persons with disabilities, orphans, widows and orphans who have mobility cards.  Cases of stopping pension payment  – If one of the entitlement conditions fails.  – If it is proven to the Ministry that the data provided about the independent or family member is incorrect.  – If the beneficiary is late in updating his personal data requested by the ministry for a period of more than thirty days from the date of his notification of the request for updating them.  – If it is proven that the eligible beneficiary did not comply with his rehabilitation plan.  – If it is proven that the beneficiary who is able to work is not looking for work or has not applied to the employment platforms approved by the Ministry.

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the beneficiary resides in a permanent residence in one of the accommodation or treatment centers.  – If the beneficiary waives the pension.  The death of the beneficiary.  Penalties  Every breadwinner who has disbursed a pension and does not spend it on his family members shall be punished with a fine not exceeding 5,000 riyals or imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months, or both.  Whoever unjustly obtains money from Social Security shall be punished with a fine not exceeding 10 thousand riyals or imprisonment for a period not exceeding a year, or both.


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