Clarification by Saudi Jawazat to Extend Visit Visa in Case of an Expired Saudi Iqama


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The Saudi Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) received a question that if the Saudi Iqama of the expatriate is expired, can he extend the visa of his visitor? This raised several other questions among the readers. What was the reply from the Saudi Jawazat? From where can he extend the visitor’s visa? To know the answer to these questions read the article below.

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Statement by the Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat)
The Saudi Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) announced that,

A Saudi expat can extend the visitor’s visa of his relative indeed after the termination of his Saudi Iqama. The close of the Saudi Iqama will not anticipate the expansion of the visitor’s visa. Can he Extend his Visitor’s Visa from Absher? According to the nearby daily papers that, a Saudi expat inquired the International id Office (Saudi Jawazat) after finding that one of his visit visa holders remain had as of now terminated within the KSA. Can he extend his visitor’s visa from Absher?

What was the Response of the Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat)?

The Passport Department (Saudi Jawazat) responded on Twitter by saying,

A Saudi expat can extend the Saudi visit visa of his/her relatives when the Saudi Iqama of resident is expired. This facility will not be terminated when the iqama is expired.

What Condition is Required for the Saudi Expat to Return to Saudi Arabia?

The Jawazat added that the Saudi expat can only return to the Kingdom if the following conditions are met.

  1. The Saudi visa should be valid and effective.
  2. The Saudi Iqama has not expired and the PCR has been obtained from a company registered in Saudi Arabia.
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The passport department (Saudi Jawazat) announced that the Saudi visitor’s visa can be extended even if the Saudi Iqama is expired and then announced the conditions on which the Saudi expats can return to the Kingdom. For more information, visit our website. Stay safe. Stay tuned.

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