Iraq, Saudi Arabia reopened ArAr border for Trade after 30 years of Closure


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After 30 years of closure, Saudi Arabia and Iraq reopened the ArAr desert crossing border for trade said the Baghdad border commission. 

The ArAr border has been closed since 1990 after both countries cut ties following Saddam Hussain’s invasion in Kuwait.
– Top Iraqi and Saudi officials including Saudi ambassador to Iraq, Interior minister of Iraq and the head of its border commission traveled to formally open ArAr border, where a line of cargo trucks had been waiting since the morning. 

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– The Saudi-Iraqi agreement extends back to 2015, when Saudi Arabi reopened its Embassy in Baghdad following a 25 year break. In July, both countries signed investment agreements on energy and sports.
– The two countries relations have been cut for nearly 27 years and now we celebrate an accomplishment that suits our relations said Saudi Ambassador to Iraq, Abdulaziz Alshamri. 


– He added, We welcome all Iraqi products in our country through its border, there will be an exchange of visits between Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

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Source: Saudi Expatriates

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For the latest updates, news, and events of Saudi Arabia you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram

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