Jawazat calls for Expatriates to register the Fingerprints of their Family Members


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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia reminds about the necessity of registering the fingerprints of family members (dependents) for everyone who aged above 6 years.

Jawazat’s official account Twitter said, “Registering vital biometrics (fingerprint) is a basic requirement for completing the procedures of your family members from 6 years or above,” reminding: “My resident brother, take the initiative to register your family’s fingerprints.” 

– Jawazat in Saudi Arabia has implemented a must rule on Biometric Fingerprint enrollment for expatriates who are living with their families in the Kingdom. Those who failed to register their fingerprints, the services will be suspended for their dependents.
– Expatriates can visit any of Passport Department for registration of their children finger prints. You can also visit nearest Self Service registration stations and activation machines at your place.