A medical team succeeds in extracting 230 screw nails from a patient’s stomach in Jeddah (photos)


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A medical team at East Jeddah Hospital, consisting of consultants and specialists from the Department of Surgery and Anesthesia, succeeded in saving the life of a psychiatric patient, by extracting 230 nails and pieces of glass from his stomach.

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The medical team explained that the patient was suffering from pain and swelling in the abdomen, and clinical and radiological examinations showed the presence of a large number of nails inside the patient’s stomach, which required an emergency surgery to extract these nails and cut the glass under general anesthesia through a surgical incision.

He pointed out that the patient’s condition is stable and he is currently under psychiatric treatment and hypnotized in a special room for psychiatric patients.

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فريق طبي ينجح باستخراج 230 مسمارا من بطن مريض في جدة
فريق طبي ينجح باستخراج 230 مسمارا من بطن مريض في جدة