Employer cannot able to Cancel Exit Re-Entry of Expat and not responsible for Re-Entry visa Fee


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has responded to the most common questions about the job transfer service, which is going into effect from 14th March 2021.

The Ministry said that the Employer does not have the right to cancel the exit and re-entry visa issued by an expatriate worker and if he leaves and no longer applies the penalties prescribed for the termination of the contract. Similar : Five Professions not Covered in new Employment Contractual System in Saudi Arabia
– The Ministry also cleared that the new system does not affect the issuance of visas to business owners and it will be as per the mechanism currently in force.
– There are no requirements for an expat worker, if he wishes to move to another company or employer after the end of his contract with the current employer, reveals ministry of human resources.

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– There are no additional fees for the job transfer service other than what is in place at the present time, the employer is not responsible for worker’s exit and re-entry fees in the new employee contractual relationship of Saudi Arabia.

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Source: Saudi Expatriates