“Has the sponsorship system been canceled?” … the human resources agent explains (video)


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The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Sattam Al-Harbi, confirmed today (Wednesday) that there is no so-called “sponsorship” system in the work systems, pointing out that the work system is based on establishing the labor relationship between the worker and the employer according to the work contract.

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He explained, through his intervention in “The Fourth Newsletter” on the “Al Arabiya” channel, that the word “sponsor” has been in circulation for long periods, but it has no legal origin, indicating that the arrival of expatriates to the Kingdom comes on the basis of a work contract with the employer during a specific period and then Return to his country after the end of the contract. Trending: How can expats change jobs in Saudi Arabia after Kafala ends?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development launched an initiative today to improve the contractual relationship, which includes 3 main services: job mobility service, development of exit and return mechanisms, and final exit.