Civil Affairs Authority in Saudi Arabia prohibits registering name ‘Malak’


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The Ministry of Interior’s Agency for Civil Affairs in Saudi Arabia confirmed that it is not permissible to register the name of newborns as “Malak (ملاك)”, the name meaning comes as ‘Angel’. 

As there is a Sharia fatwa prohibiting it, in response to a question received by the Civil Affairs via Twitter regarding “the extent of the possibility of naming the name can be named.

– The Ministry restates the rules for registering names, the most important of which is the possibility of registering the name known as ‘Al’, in the names known to the Arabs in the past, such as “Al-Baraa, Al-Anoud, Al-Jawhara, Al-Waleed”, and the registration of the name without titles “such as Mr.”
– The Authority also reiterated the reminder not to record additional expressions in the name field “such as known as this.” and not to allow the registration of compound names “such as Muhammad Saleh or Muhammad Mustafa”, while prohibiting the registration of names contrary to Islamic law.

Source: Saudi Expatriates