KSA to impose CURFEW if COVID19 cases increase – MOH


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The entire world has been facing the second wave of coronavirus. In this regard, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health has stated that Saudi Arabia might impose curfew again if COVID19 cases increase.

Although the number of new cases in Saudi Arabia is under control, they might witness a surge. The reason for the increase in coronavirus cases in some countries is violating coronavirus safety protocols.

He also urged citizens and residents to report any violation of health preventive measures, even if it is in health centers.

The number of new cases and new deaths due to coronavirus are on a significant decline in Saudi Arabia.

Imposing Curfew in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali stated that in the current situation of Corona there is no need to impose a curfew. However, if there is an increase in the COVID19 cases in Saudi Arabia, the government might impose curfew measures.

The Ministry of Health is closely watching the whole situation to avoid any outbreak in the country.