The Ministry of HR sets More than 30 IT Professions for Saudization


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has set more than 30 professions for localization in the communications and IT sector as per the sources of Saudi Gazette.

Few of the 30 job professions included in the Saudization are  – Communications Engineer  – Computer Engineer  – Network Engineer  – Software Development Specialist  – Network Technician  – Technical Support Specialist  – Business Analysis Specialist  – Programmer

The Saudization will be applied on all companies in the labor market, which has more than 5 or employees. The Ministry of HR targets to generate more than 9000 jobs for Saudi nationals in the vital sector.

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The Ministry also sets monthly salary of 5000 SR for technical jobs and 7000 SR for specialized professions for the Saudi citizens. The ministry goals to stimulate growth in Communications and Information Technology sector by providing more jobs to young Saudis.  – The Ministry said that the plan to localize Communications Information Technology (CIT) jobs was based on a joint agreement concluded between the ministry early last year with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) and the Council of Saudi Chambers represented by National Committee for Information and Communications Technology.

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This step is to allow Saudi graduates in CIT field to get decent jobs and to provide a suitable work environment for them in private sector and to enhance their work in pivotal jobs to contribute to the development of private sector.  – A number of initiatives to support the Saudization of CIT jobs, mostly ‘Future Skills Initiative’ launched by the Ministry of CIT and programs and services of HADAF, with the aim of qualifying and developing digital professionals allowing them to work in the CIT field.

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