Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry reminds of Penalties on violating Covid-19 measures


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The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia renewed the reminder of the penalties imposed for wantedly violating the precautionary and preventive measures related to Covid-19, such as not using a medical or cloth face mask or covering the nose and mouth, and not maintaining the physical distance.

The ministry remind of measures through a video published on its Twitter, that violators of the precautionary measures will be penalized with a fine of 1000 riyals, when they commit the following violations:
1. Not using medical or cloth masks or anything that covers the nose and mouth. Trending :SAMA launches 20 Riyals note in Saudi Arabia marking Saudi Arabia’s presidency in G20
2. Lack of commitment to maintain social distancing between each other.
3. Refusing to measure the temperature when entering at the public and private sectors.
4. Failure to follow to the approved procedures when the body temperature rises above 38°C.
– The Ministry of the Interior also stated that the penalty would be doubled in case of repeated violation. Recommend :Saudi Arabia announces its flights to 33 international destinations in November 2020
The Ministry called on all citizens, resident expats, business owners and facility owners to sense responsibility and stick to precautionary and preventive measures, and to follow by the instructions issued by the competent authorities in this regard.

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