Making sounds with Tires while driving leads you to pay Fine – Muroor


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The General Traffic department in Saudi Arabia renewed its warning against driving vehicles at high speeds on the roads, To avoid the assigned fine, in this regard.

The Saudi Muroor, through its official account on the Twitter revealed that moving the vehicle at a high speed so that its tires make a loud sound, results in a financial fine of 150 to 300 Saudi riyals, indicating that controlling the vehicle and driving safely are signs of the ideal leader

The traffic system stipulates that every driver of a vehicle must take the maximum care and precaution while traveling on the public road, and leave sufficient distance between himself and the other vehicle.

Maintain a sufficient distance in front of him to stop his vehicle in cases where the vehicle stops suddenly and announce his desire to slow down the traffic. Or slowing down his speed well in advance, whether by using the signals or the rear brake light, and not to apply the brakes suddenly, unless this is necessary for safety purposes

Source :Saudi Expatriates