Saudi Airlines announces the Operating Schedule for 20 International Destinations


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Saudi Airlines announced for authorized travelers, the gradual operation schedule for international flights to 20 destinations so far, including several Arab countries, namely Cairo, Dubai, Oman, Tunisia and Khartoum.

Saudi Airlines indicated that the international flights available during the month of October are distributed to 7 destinations in Europe and the United States, 6 destinations in Africa, 5 in Asia, and two destinations in the Middle East for two Arab countries, as shown in the table

Middle East :  1. Amman 2. Dubai  Europe and United States : 

1. Amsterdam

2. Frankfurt

3. Istanbul

4. London

5. Madrid

6. Paris

7. Washington D.C

Asia : 

1. Islamabad

2. Jakarta

3. Karachi

4. Kuala lumpur

5. Manila

Africa : 

1. Addis Ababa

2. Alexandria

3. Cairo

4. Khartoum

5. Nairobi

Saudi Airlines called on all travelers to follow travel instructions and requirements due to the Corona pandemic, indicating that flights are available for reservation according to availability, and that all international flights to and from Jeddah will be operated from Terminal (1).

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