A proposal to fix minimum salary for Saudis and Expats


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Saudi Gazette had reported in 2014 that the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia is considering fixing the minimum salary for Saudis in the private sector.

  • Minimum Salary for Saudis: SR 5,300
  • Minimum Salary for Expats in Saudi Arabia: SR 2,500

Although the minimum wage set for Saudis as well as expatriates is not enough to even survive with a family but still, it is better than nothing. After setting this minimum wage, at least they will be getting much more than before. 

When was it planned to be implemented?

The decision was planned to be implemented soon after the wage protection program is fully implemented.

Now as the wage protection system is in the last phase of implementation, there are chances that the Ministry of Labor would look into this topic again and set the minimum salary for expats and Saudis.

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Source: Al Arabiya