Jawazat Provides Travel Permits Service For Excluded Groups Through The Absher Platform.


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For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group.

(Thursday) the availability of the service of “travel permits for excluded groups” through the “Absher” platform.  The service is available to all excluded groups, according to the kind approval to allow some groups to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it during the suspension period. Seven categories benefit from the service, which are: 

First: government employees – civilians and military – who are assigned official duties. 

Second: Workers in Saudi diplomatic and consular missions and attachés abroad, and workers in regional and international organizations, their families and their companions. 

Third: Workers in permanent jobs, in public, private or non-profit establishments, outside the Kingdom, and those who have job qualities in companies or commercial establishments outside the Kingdom.

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Fourthly:Patients whose treatment requires travel outside the Kingdom, based on medical reports, especially cancer patients and patients in need of organ transplantation.  Fifth: Scholarship students, students studying on their own account, and trainees in medical fellowship programs, whose studies or training require travel to the countries in which they study or train and their companions.  Sixth: Those who have humanitarian cases, especially the following two cases: 1) Family reunification of a citizen or citizenship with their relatives residing outside the Kingdom. 2) The death of the husband or wife, one of the parents, or one of the sons or daughters outside the kingdom.  Seventh: Residents outside the Kingdom and their companions, who have proof of their residency outside the Kingdom.  Jawazat emphasized that the launch of this electronic service will be based on stopping the consideration of paper applications that have not been decided upon, and that the beneficiaries must re-submit their requests in accordance with the mechanisms developed, provided that each concerned ministry announces the conditions and controls for the excluded groups that fall within its competence.

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