Al-Jadaan: The Kingdom’s economy is gradually recovering … and the results are very positive


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Finance Minister Muhammad Al-Jadaan confirmed that the Saudi economy is gradually recovering after the “Corona” pandemic, and “but we are still cautious and watching all developments in this regard.”  Al-Jadaan said, during the “Euromoney” Saudi Arabia 2020 conference today (Thursday), hypothetically, that the government has worked to open economic activities, and that the results are very positive, pointing out that the state is keen to focus on diversifying sources of revenue.

He pointed out that the Kingdom has many investment funds that enable it to invest in the local economy, benefit from the private sector, and re-inject the revenues into the local market.  He added that the Kingdom started since the launch of Vision 2030 with clear plans and invested in many fields, including technology, pointing out that the year 2020 was the most challenging year in years, and no one expected the crisis to occur, but we were able to deal with it.