Saudi Arabia clarifies the conditions for transporting returnees to the Kingdom and the travel requirements for 25 countries


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Saudi Airlines has set 7 conditions to allow the transportation of returning passengers to the Kingdom through its fleet, calling on all passengers to follow the health requirements issued by the Saudi Ministry of Health.  The conditions included requiring all passengers to complete and sign a commitment form to abide by health requirements and hand it over to the health control at the airport later, and to undergo self-quarantine at home for a period of 7 days, and health practitioners 3 days with a negative sample at the end of the quarantine period.  The conditions also included installing the “Tatman” and “Tawakalna” apps and registering in them, locating the home through the “Tatman” application within 8 hours of the passenger’s arrival, carrying out a daily health assessment through it, and calling 937 if any of the symptoms of “Corona” appear. Or go to the health center or emergency when necessary.

They called on all the guests to follow the precautionary measures as mentioned in the form of pledging to comply with health requirements during the home quarantine period.  The company invited those wishing to know the requirements for travel to 25 countries, to enter the following link .