Clarification From Jawazat On Passport Validity To Renew The Identity Of A Resident (Iqama)


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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia clarified that the validity of the passport specified to renew the identity of a resident (Iqama), in accordance with the legal procedures in force in this regard.  The response came from the Jawazat to a question it received from one of the beneficiaries via Twitter account, in which he said:

“What is the required validity for a passport when renewing a resident’s identity?”  – The directorate responded that if the passport is valid, there is no objection to completing the renewal of a resident’s identity.   – It should be noted that the penalties for not renewing the resident’s identity on the specified dates are for the first time a fine of 500 riyals, and for the second time 1000 riyals, and if the matter is repeated for the third time, the penalty is deportation from the Kingdom.