Important Update on VAT before you buy anything


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Important Update on VAT before you buy anything by the Ministry of Commerce. The Ministry of Commerce called on consumers to pay the written price on the product without any increase, confirming that it includes the value-added tax calculated on the receipts of sold product or services. More details below.  The Ministry of Commerce spokesman, Abdul Rahman Al-Hussein, explained that the price on the product is inclusive of value-added tax, stressing the need to report any merchant who computes the tax again on the commodity, through communication with the Zakat and Income Authority on 19993.

The ministry raised the slogan “Do not ask you or لا تسألوا بكم” to educate citizens about commercial transactions according to the prices written on goods without accepting any increase in price, calling on citizens to report any violation by calling 1900 or through the ministry’s website or the electronic application of commercial reporting. 

Source: Akhbaar 24