How was the sacrifice meat stored in the past before the spread of refrigerators? (Video)


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The researcher Ahmed Al-Washmi revealed how the people of the Arabian Peninsula used to store the meat of the sacrifice of the feast after they were slaughtered, before the spread of refrigerators, and the way they kept the meat from rotting.  Al-Washemi said that Eid al-Adha is known from ancient times as the feast of flesh, and the people started the process of slaughtering after the end of the Eid prayer, and they cleaned everything that was extracted from the sacrifice and did not throw anything from it, and they distributed it to neighbors and relatives and kept a part of it for themselves.

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He added that they were eating some of the meat and the rest was subject to a process called “wilderness”, where the meat was placed in a basin full of salt and left for two days until it was saturated with salt and then attached to a rope in an upper room in the house.  He explained that the flesh was left for two months and the salt kept it from rotting and did not bring it close to flies, ants or reptiles, and some of the people liked to eat it raw on this case, so it was a delight, or they cooked it with pirate or marqouq.  And that the children used to eat meat a lot on this day, but they got sick because their stomach was not used to the meat, and they felt stomach pain and ulcers appeared on their faces, and they were treated by popular recipes

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