Saudi man marries a Student, Teacher, Supervisor & Principal of the same School


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A case has been reported from right here in the Kingdom, where a man has married 4 women, who belong to the same school. These women range from a student to the principal. 

The Youngest Wife is still studying: The female student, who is currently studying at the secondary level, has the same husband as her own teacher, the teacher has the same husband as her supervisor and the supervisor and Principal also have a common husband.

She added that the principal did not take advantage of her leading position in her attitude towards the other two wives, her subordinates, or of the supervisor when she conducts inspection visits in the school in Jizan in southwestern Saudi Arabia. 

“The principal treats the teacher and the student normally, like she does with the rest of the staff and students,” she said.  Online comments criticised the multiple marriages, saying that the age difference was socially wrong.  “Can he cope with the mental, physical and material pressure to bring up children or will he just turn them into street kids?” Zeezo wondered.  Another comment advised him to start a new school while one commentator said that he should take up a position in the school.

Source : Gulf News