6 Benefits of marrying a Filipino Girl for a Saudi Resident


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In Saudi Arabia, there is a huge number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) residing. These overseas Filipino workers come and stay in Saudi Arabia for employment and business purposes.    There are brighter opportunities for getting married to these Filipino workers for Saudi residents of other nationalities. There are several pros and cons of getting married to these Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).  Still, Saudi residents from other nationalities are a little bit confused about the prudence of the decision for getting married to such foreigner residing in Kingdom. Risks related to such novel commitments are majorly based on distant relationships.  In case you are interested in getting married to an OFW, we have already explained the Procedure to get married in the Philippines Embassy. Some of the benefits of getting married to such Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are as follows; 

1 Higher earnings: In case a Saudi Resident from a different nationality gets married to an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) he/she is likely to be more financially stable.   Obviously, if you marry a Filipino girl, she will continue to work as she had been doing before marriage. In this way, both of you can work and get higher income. 

2 More Fun and Enjoyment: When you marry a Filipino girl, you actually become a member of Filipino family. She will introduce you to many fun and enjoyment activities held in Saudi Arabia which are only for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)s.   Outsiders do not get a permit to attend these events. In this way, you really enjoy your quality time. 

3 Dual nationality: In case a Saudi resident from a different nationality marries a Filipino, he can get dual nationality as Philippine offers nationality for foreign spouse of national person no matter the person is a male or female.  Dual nationality helps in availing various perquisites and ease of staying inside and conducting businesses without formalities or legal requirement fulfillment.  

4 Higher savings: Higher income means higher savings. When you are living together, you do not have to pay double rent as you are staying in the same home.  When a couple is staying in Kingdom together, they do not have to travel back and forth to their home country just to meet with the family.

5 A mix of culture and norms: By marrying a Filipino girl, there is a possibility to learn new things about outside the Arab culture. It will help to enhance your education and skills level but get an exposure outside the Kingdom.      Your kids may live a versatile life with a diversified culture of different fraternal and maternal ethnics.    

6 Multi-professional opportunities: In case business or professional market is not favorable in any of the countries, Saudi Arabia or Philippine, spouses can get settled in the country where the business environment is favorable.  One can permanently move to reside in Philippine for better future and working opportunities. People normally consider that marrying a Filipino is not that much easy as it requires huge energies to carry on the relationship? No doubt it is but it is somehow beneficial in many ways as well.

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