Why were no additional precautions taken in Riyadh after the high number of cases? “Health” answers


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The Ministry of Health spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, answered a question that the number of new cases, the death rate, and the pressure on hospitals have increased dramatically in the city of Riyadh during the recent period, so why have no more precautionary measures been referred to?  Al-Abdali said that the number of cases and the follow-up of the number of deaths and the numbers in intensive care and the percentage of registration of new cases is an ongoing matter and is monitored by the relevant teams and monitored permanently.  He pointed out that there are always specialized centers, emergency centers, crises, leadership and control, and centers on a national level that follow all this hour by hour throughout the day to ensure that all needs are met by providing absorptive capacity and the necessary capacity and accompanying medical care and that everyone who needs health care gets them.  He added that the absorptive capacity and health energy provided by the Kingdom to all those present on its territory are citizens and residents. It is always ensured that they keep pace with this exceptional event and it is really keeping pace with that and any region that needs any interference, precautions or additional procedures, evaluation in all its methods and methodologies is continuous and if the need arises, it will be applied.

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For the latest updates, news, and events of Saudi Arabia you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram

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