Launching the “Tabaud” application to notify people of having contact with “Corona” patients … and this is how it works


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Saudi Commission for Data and Artificial Intelligence launched the “Sadaya”, a spacing application; With the aim of notifying its users if they come into contact with newly infected Corona virus.  The application sends camouflaged identifier data to the smart phone used for the application, which was registered during the period of mixing with infected with “Corona” virus, accompanied by the data of the infected persons devices. 

Application users receive notifications that they may be near someone with the virus; This is to take the necessary precautions and report any contacting cases through the application as well.


The user of the application can obtain direct and proactive notifications when a registered injury is discovered, for the purpose of requesting direct health support from the Ministry of Health.  In the event that one of its users is confirmed to be infected with the virus, the application will send notifications to the users of all smartphones who were close to it during the previous 14 days;

To take the necessary precautions.  And the application via “bluetooth” technology can know how close it is to other smart phones that use the same application, which allows him to get an idea about the smart phones that are closer, and thus notify their most vulnerable users

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