Ministry of Human Resources: Work in the sun is prohibited from 12 noon to 3 pm from Monday, June 15 until Tuesday, September 15, 2020


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development intends to start the implementation of Ministerial Resolution No. 3337 of 7/15/1435 AH, which prohibits working in the sun, on all private matters starting from Monday, 23 Shawwal 1441 AH, corresponding to June 15, 2020 AD, from 12 noon to hour 3 pm, until the end of Tuesday, Muharram 1442 AH corresponding to September 15, 2020 AD, within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness to preserve the safety and health of workers in the private sector, and its commitment to provide a healthy and safe work environment for workers and spare them what may cause them to health risks, according to safety considerations Occupational Health and Ministerial Resolution states that “it is not permissible to employ a worker in open work under the sunlight from twelve noon to three o’clock in the evening during the period between the fifteenth day of June to the end of the fifteenth day of September of every year of the Gregorian year” The decision excludes workers who work in oil and gas companies, as well as emergency maintenance workers, to take the necessary measures to protect them from sunlight damage and the ministry calls upon employers to organize work hours and observe what is stipulated in this decision.

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Where the Ministry is working hard to provide a safe work environment from the various work risks, and to raise the level of efficiency and means of protection to reduce occupational injuries and diseases and protect workers from accidents, which will be reflected in improving and increasing the level of production  Whereas, the decision excludes a number of governorates in some regions of the Kingdom, due to the difference in temperatures that decrease in some regions and governorates to levels that do not require a ban on working in the hours referred to.

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The coordination will be with the managers of the branches of the regions and determining the extent of the need to implement the decision in their work areas and the provinces that follow, according to the climatic conditions and temperatures prevailing in the region during the prevention period.  To receive inquiries and complaints regarding violations of the implementation of the decision, you can contact the customer service phone number (19911), or through the Ma’an Monitoring portal

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