Indonesia Cancelled Hajj this Year due to Coronavirus; First Country to Cancel Hajj


As the days of Hajj are approaching different countries are taking decisions regarding it. Coronavirus has destabilised the whole world and earthly system.  Since Hajj is the largest annual gatherings of Muslim, chances are very high that coronavirus will find a way their risking the lives of millions.

Saudi Arabian authorities have to take decision whether Hajj will be postponed or not.  But different countries have started taking decisions according to their situations and understandings. Indonesia is the first country which has decided that it will not send pilgrims for Hajj. Indonesia also happens to be the largest Islamic nation by population on earth. 

Indonesia cited that the safety and health of the travellers would be at risk if they allowed Hajj during the Covid-19 which is still present in the society.  “Our religion teaches us that saving lives is an obligation. That is the consideration in this policy,”

Minister of Religious Affairs Fachrul Razi said Tuesday  Fachrul also said that global scale pandemic has affected the social aspects of religious worship, which is why the ministry had formed a Hajj 2020 crisis centre early on.  He hoped that pilgrims will go to Hajj next year, if Allah willed. Makkah where the holy rites will take place is still under lockdown and a 24 hours curfew is imposed there till June 21.  Indonesia had a quota of 221,000 people this year for Hajj pilgrimage which wouldn’t be possible for them now. Singapore earlier restricted Hajj travel on its citizen citing dangers due to covid-19.