Pakistani doctor dies of coronavirus in Makkah


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MAKKAH — Dr. Naeem Khaled Choudhary, a specialist surgeon at Makkah’s Hera General Hospital, died of coronavirus. This was the first case of an expatriate doctor succumbing to the pandemic in the holy city.  The Health Affairs Department in Makkah mourned the death of Choudhary, describing him a role model for the medical staff for his tireless and brave efforts to combat the pandemic. 

Dr. Wael Hamzah Mutair, director general of Health Affairs in Makkah region, said that the deceased Choudhary, aged 47, was working with the General Surgery Department of Hira General Hospital.  Choudhary was one of the best medical professionals under the health department of Makkah who was on the forefront of the ongoing fight against the pandemic. We consider him to be one of the martyrs who stood at the first lines of defense,” he said. 

The colleagues of Choudhary in the surgical department of the government hospital mourned the unexpected demise of their beloved colleague, saying they were distressed with hearing the tragic news of their dear friend’s passing, who was known for his gentle and nice behavior. 

For his part, Dr. Walid Al-Amri, director of Hira General Hospital, prayed to God to shower mercy and forgiveness on him and accommodate him in Paradise and give patience and courage to the bereaved family members to bear with the irreparable loss. 

Dr. Choudhary is survived by three daughters who are residing in Makkah. Last Month, Makkah witnessed the death of a Saudi nurse, Khaled Abdullah Al-Husseini, who worked at King Abdulaziz Hospital, due to coronavirus.

source :Saudi Gazette

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