MoI announces additional protocols for a number of sectors chirp


An official source in the Ministry of Interior stated today (Tuesday) that, in addition to the precautionary measures and preventive measures (protocols) of the sectors announced on Shawwal 6, 1441 AH, the Ministry of Interior announces additional preventive protocols for a number of sectors to limit the spread of the new Corona virus that covers the period to 28 Shawwal 1441 AH corresponding to 20 June 2020 AD.  The source pointed out that the additional preventive protocols include sectors: factories, mining, internal aviation, intercity buses, intercity buses, rental vehicles (car rental), Jizan ferries and riders to transport passengers and goods, taxis and joint transportation, and tourist accommodation facilities (hotels and furnished apartments) And the like), postal and logistical services, and farms.  He added that more details and information about preventive protocols can be found through the following link .  And the Ministry of Interior called on all citizens, residents and the concerned authorities to implement these measures in accordance with them, in order to preserve the safety of all.