How women who cannot fast, benefit from Lailatul Qadr?


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We all know that the last ten nights of Ramadan are very important as one can find the Lailatul Qadr among those nights. However, the women who are experiencing their menstrual cycle during those days cannot fast and offer prayers. So how can those women benefit from the last ten nights of Ramadan?

Let us first broaden this question and ask how can women benefit during their menstrual cycle in the month of Ramadan as the whole month is a month of blessing that comes only once a year. So we look into the lives of wives of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

1-Dhikr of Allah: Women can always engage themselves in the zikr of Allah SWT. They can spend their time in making dua and seeking forgiveness.

Women do feel bad initially that they cannot fast and pray during some days among the Holy month, yet when they learn that they can still benefit from the blessings by zikr, dua and useful readings they believe that they go through a spiritual uplift.

2-Serving your parents and Husband: Yes, women cannot hold Quran during this time or enter the Masjid but there is something which is more important than all of them. You can help other family members to fast and worship in the holy month.

For example, preparing Suhoor can relieve someone else in your family to go to Masjid and pray Taraweeh. If your husband is tired, you can take care of your children upon his turn and let him pray during this time as you cannot do it. Insha Allah, you will get Thawab for every deed.

3-Donate for a Good Cause: As we have stated in our article things to do in last ten nights of Ramadan, one should donate at least SR 1 on every odd night of last 10 nights of Ramadan. If it is a Lailatul Qadr, you will earn Thawab of donating SR 30,000 in it.

4-Listen to the Quran Recitation: You can earn a great reward by listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran. There are many mobile applications available for this purpose and you can select your favorite recitation as well. Many people choose Imam Abdur Rahman Al-Sudais recordings for listening.

5-Understanding the Quran: If you don’t understand the Arabic language, the best way to get most out of last 10 nights of Ramadan is to listen to Tafseer by a reliable Sheikh. You can choose any particular Surat and understand the true meaning of those verses.

6-Make Dua and Repent Seriously: During those nights the long qiyams in Masjid are beneficial but what is more productive is the private Ibadat or worship.

The individual remembrance of Allah SWT during the nights of Lailatul Qadr and the rest of the Ramadan is very productive in maintaining spirituality.

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