Will the complete curfew be imposed after 20 Ramadan due to increased cases? “MOH” explains


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The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Aali confirmed that the precautionary measures to confront “Corona” are subject to continuous evaluation, and in light of that decisions are taken, in response to a question about the extent of imposing a complete curfew after 20 Ramadan in light of the increasing cases.

Al-Abd Al-Aali said that the indicators are not based on the issue of how many cases are monitored, but are related to the distribution and hot spots of the virus, assessment of infection speed, early detection and impact of the virus on the health status of those affected, the level of recovery and deaths, and the level of commitment to apply precautions.

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He added that all of these factors mentioned are evaluated, according to which decisions are taken and risk levels assessed and precautions are made, indicating that the state has taken proactive decisions on time and has demonstrated its positive impact so far.

He pointed out that the ability exists to put precautions, and also raise them when they are not needed in full, or mitigate them, pointing out that all possibilities are subject to the level of evaluation, which is continuous and in light of its results, decisions will be issued.

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