What did businessman Saleh Al-Rajhi do when he was young, when the owner of the rented house threatened them with eviction?


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Close associates of the late businessman Sheikh Saleh Al-Rajhi revealed some aspects and attitudes of the life of the man who grew up poor but, with his hard work and skill in trade, he became one of the most famous merchants in the Kingdom.

Abdul Salam bin Saleh Al-Rajhi, during his meeting on the “late” program, narrated a position that occurred to his father when he was young, indicating that this position showed a high commercial sense of his father since his early childhood.

Abdel Salam said that his father was affected by his childhood by threatening the owner of the house that they were renting to expel him from in the event they did not pay the rent, noting that his father then went to the market and asked the help of one of the salesmen to give him a “zabeel” in exchange for a mortgage of the “Kaaba” that he owned.

He added that after he took the ginger, he went to the market and worked as a porter to collect the rent for the home of his family, which is threatened with expulsion, so that he could collect the value of the rent within days and gave it to his mother, pointing out that this position was the real beginning of his father’s work in trade.

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