Health Spokesperson: 35% of new cases of “Corona” for citizens … and this should be linked to gatherings


The Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, revealed that 35% of the new cases registered with “Corona” are citizens, and 65% are residents.

He explained that 21% of injuries are among females, 79% among males, while 3% are among the elderly, 8% are children, and 89% are adults.

He pointed out that the high percentage of citizens infected with Corona virus must be linked to gatherings, not to leave a safe distance or slack in the process of cleaning hands, and mixing cases.

Al-Abdali pointed out during the daily press conference that it is too early to evaluate countries ’experiences of success in dealing with the emerging corona virus, noting that the most important at this stage is the level of control and control, the curves of the virus, the absorption of cases, and early disclosures.

The health spokesman stressed that the Kingdom has achieved fruitful results at this stage, but we must warn ourselves against complacency now and not adhere to precautionary measures.

He pointed out that the indicators for taking precautionary measures not only depend on the high number of infections, but also depend on several factors, including the effect of the virus on those affected, the rate of recovery and mortality, and that all possibilities are subject to evaluation.