An official clarifies the mechanism for extending vehicle insurance documents .. Does it include medical insurance documents (video)


The Director General of Insurance Control at the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, “SAMA” Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, revealed that the vehicle insurance policies are automatically extended, without the need for clients to contact or review insurance companies.

Al-Tuwaijri said during an intervention with the “We are all responsible” program on “Saudi Channel”, that if insurance companies refuse to cover the customer and disavow their obligations, he can resort to SAMA and the toll-free numbers to deal with any problems facing the customer.

And on the extent to which the initiative can include medical insurance policies, he pointed out that if the “medical insurance” policy expires and the claims are very low, this will be reflected in the pricing when the policy is renewed and will be less than the previous price, noting that the medical insurance policy if it ends on a certain date will be renewed on time .